Gather Round Folks, This Is How Louisville Got Screwed In 2018

This was a site used in connection with Brent Ackerson’s campaign to replace long term failure Mike O’Connell. O’Connell won the primary handily and the Ackerson campaign sites no longer are needed. I’m Matthew Leffler and I do SEO work. You never take down a site, keep it up note the change in direction but retain the value of the site’s search engine presence. Just some free advice to every candidate who puts up a site a month before an election, finds that no one uses it and then takes it down the day after…these aren’t christmas trees.

Unfortunately the voters of Louisville were swindled on May 22 by backroom deals based on a small club of power brokers in Louisville, KY. JCTA or Better Schools Kentucky never ever met with both candidates before they endorsed O’Connell. Shame on JCTA.

CFair at least met with both but here is a news shock…CFair does not represent the gay and lesbian community of Louisville, KY. CFAir is an arm of Louisville Fairness. This organization may be IN Louisville, but Fairness it is not. It’s at the core, 80s generation elderly Kentucky “folk” who think in slow, stagnant circles. I’ve dealt with them personally since the late 90s and they are the first ones to take credit for the last thing they would do. The fact remains I can name a dozen times Fairness picked someone other than the gay candidate or the candidate who had worked the most on behalf of the gay community. Tina Ward Pugh is the only exception, I respect her work and Fairness seemed too as well.

The day before the election Fox News ran an article about O’Connell’s issues with forcing employees to donate to his campaign. Brent’s campaign had nothing to do with Fox News. O’Connell has enemies enough. What really ticked me off was that the local chairman of the Democratic party posted a statement calling it unfounded and a smear campaign, never reminding people that he wasn’t accusing the Ackerson team of being involved. It looked as if he was suggesting it. He also talked about not taking sides, but clearly that was a side. He also failed to mention in full disclosure his office mate is O’Connell’s daughter. The posts to his personal Facebook and the local Democratic party’s facebook have since been removed. If only you could see that the supporting comments were from O’Connell’s campaign staff who were also his employees at the County Attorney’s office. (No lines are drawn with this guy) You’d also see me going off on this tactic that may have all been planned by O’Connell to begin with.  But the chairman said everyone knew O’Connell was a geat guy., when its the opposite .. the local paper just four years before called this .. literally bullshit.

These are not the opinion of anyone else but Matthew Leffler. Brent is too good a gentlemen to call out Fairness or the teachers union or even the local chairman of the Democratic party.

The truth is Louisville has a lot of problems and reelected a 70 yr old, decade long, architect of those issues. To think he is capable of new ideas is to think like a 90 yr old.  Get serious people.  Louisville’s jail is overflowing because O’Connell thinks people in jail aren’t on drugs so thats where they should go, course they offer no real treatment… so when they get out the issue is exacerbated by the fact those people are still addicts and now have no connection to society in terms of a job and a more limited future stands in front of them.  Now I’m not talking about heroin here…I mean pot!  There are people in Louisville’s jail TODAY who had the same amount of weed on them that you can legally buy in other states!  Now which state has a drug problem? In the end we take their hope and we destroy them, wondering why they broke into our car overnight for some change.

Concerning the drug epidemic … O’Connell LOVES even made TV commercials about his experience with drugs and his family. I want to be honest here and it will come off insensitive, but having a son OD doesn’t mean you know how to fix the issue. On the contrary…I’d suggest it shows you DON’T know what to do to stop the drug epidemic, left in your hands Louisville is headed on the same path as his son. He used it to his advantage and people voted feeling sorry for the guy not realizing it wasn’t supportive of his re-election. I wouldn’t bring it up because its a private matter that is a tragedy, but then I didn’t bring it up…it was literally in TV commercials.

Everything I have noted in this is fact. Anyone is welcome to challenge these assertions with me at my own site https://www.matthewleffler.com you can contact me there.


Now the rest of this is the old site and when I have time I’ll replace the copy but for now this is what the site mostly used to say.


On Tuesday May 22, 2018 voters have the opportunity to choose a new County Attorney for Louisville. If you believe we can do better and fix a broken justice system Brent Ackerson is your candidate. He has plans to fix the County Attorney’s office:

  • Have the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office fully audited and publish online the full extent of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office’s revenue sources and expenses.

  • End the practice of employees of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office being pressured to financially give to the political campaigns of the County Attorney and/or designated candidates of the County Attorney.

  • Extend services out into the community via satellite locations, to include after hours and weekend hours.

Listen to communities

Brent Ackerson has a history of listening to the communities he represents. He will bring fresh innovative ideas to the office which has stagnated and been unable to address today’s issues.

  • Establish a Jefferson County Attorney’s Office Advisory Commission, consisting of various representatives of the community, including prosecutors, defense counsel, Judges, law enforcement, community activists, and ministers, to discuss areas of operations that need improvements and suggests changes to the Jefferson County Attorney’s operations.

  • Work to restore positive working relationships between the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office and the Judges, Attorneys, and government officials.

  • Increase the chances and opportunities for low level non-violent offenders to go to diversion programs and avoid criminal records.

  • Expand expungement procedures to remove financial hurdles and time constraint hurdles.

Restore Justice

Brent Ackerson will restore justice to a system that exploits Louisville communities. Brent Ackerson will ensure equal pay and treatment of women and minority employees. We’ll work with victims and be an interactive advocate for them.

  • Avoid bond requirements for low level non-violent offenses. With regards to the opioid crisis, work with our treatment facilities and social agencies to get people treatment.

  • Have bench warrant amnesty days to encourage persons with outstanding bench warrants to come to court and get their cases resolved without the need for arrest.

  • Expand restorative justice practices in juvenile court and adult courts.

  • End gender pay disparity gaps for employees at the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.

  • Put an emphasis on youth programs in an effort to stem the violence in this community.

  • Work with families of children experiencing excessive truancy problems.


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